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2.77sYeah, you know, Nicole and I came here by accident.
2.24sWe had reservations at another place and they...
4.74sRight, right, honey? Yeah. They couldn't seat us for, like, an hour, so we ended up coming here and we just loved it. Loved it.
2.3sI can see why. I mean, that halibut was...
2.67sThat may have been the best halibut I've ever had.
1.7sWell, I'm glad we talked you out of the pork chops, huh?
2.97sYes! Thank you!
1.9sOh, oh, let me, let me, let... I'll get that. I'll get that.
1.33sOh, no, no, no, no. I got it.
1.57sNo, no, no, no, no. I'm taking care of this.
1.93sNo, no, no, your money's no good here.
2.03sNo, my food was more expensive. I feel bad if...
1.9sWe invited you. I've got this.
1.1sLook, just let go of the check.
1.33sYou let go of the check.
1.3sI'm not taking my hand off this thing.
1.84sWell, neither am I.
1.53sLet go of the check.
1.63sErnie, if he wants to... Stay out of this!