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2.57sThe school has gone too far with these budget cuts.
6.84sI'm sorry, Mrs. Griffin, but the "No Child Left Behind" law cost us our federal funding because our students' test scores were too low.
3.24sThey cut a school's funding if it's got low test scores?
2.97sThis is not what the founding fathers had in mind.
3.37sOkay, we're here to sign this declaration of our independence.
1.47sLet's take roll call first.
1.47sThomas Jefferson? JEFFERSON: Here.
1.6sBenjamin Franklin? FRANKLIN: Here.
2.44sJohn Footpenis? HANCOCK: It's Hancock now.
1.73sHANCOCK: Mind your business, that's why.
3.1sWell, somehow this school needs to raise its test scores right away!
3.94sI suppose there is one thing I can do to raise the school's test average.
1sThen do it!
2.9sAll right. We'll drop the dumbest student we have.
2.77sChris Griffin is hereby expelled.
3.84sBut if I leave now, I won't hear who's the dumbest kid in the school.
2.14sCool, I don't have to go to school.
2.43sI can just pee in my bed all day.