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1.67sI have a history test today, Mom,
4.24sand I couldn't study last night because you made us go to the ballet.
4.3s(PHONE VIBRATES) (CHUCKLES) Yeah, right in her ass.
5.64s(BOTH LAUGHING) (SIGHS) Well, Chris, you're not gonna learn any history from this.
2.81sThis textbook is from 1896.
3s"Chapter Three. Here Comes Utah."
1.4sLet me see that.
3.97s"Negroes, America's Dancingest Rapefolk." That's awful!
1.07sWe don't use the word "negro" anymore.
3.64sWhat the hell? Are these schools so underfunded that they can't afford textbooks from this century?
3.3sWell, I am gonna raise hell about this at the next PTA meeting.
2.67sWell, let me know if you need help. I can be very persuasive.