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4.5sMy family's working so hard to pay my tuition here, and I feel bad.
3.27sIs there any way you can get me back into James Woods High?
2.3sWell, I suppose I could pull some strings,
1.7sif that's really what you want, Chris.
2.57sIt is. All right, consider it done.
1.67sThanks, Grandpa.
1.9s- Sorry, Master Herbert. - Sorry?
3.14sYou better get your ass in that closet, Pewterschmidt.
2sYes, sir.
1.8sI am so tired of you.
1.97sIt's good to have you back, buddy.
2.57sThanks, Dad. I didn't really fit in there anyway.
2.24sThe rooms were only 15 by 20.
2.84sIf I didn't learn to laugh at myself, I'd be dead right now.
2.2sWhy don't you take your stuff up to your room, Chris?