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1.33sIt's great, Mom!
2.77sI got powerful connections now, thanks to Grandpa.
1.47sChris, I'd give you a hug,
2.67sbut I'm exhausted from working two jobs to pay your tuition.
1.23sI've been selling buttscratchers.
1.67s- Buttscratcher! - No, Peter.
1.8sButtscratcher! Peter, no!
1.7sButtscratcher! No!
1.07sDad, you...
3.1sYou got an extra job just to put me through school?
2.7sWe all did, Chris. Meg and I have been working nights.
1.63sI'll take the one on the right!
2.94sWell, once again, Meg, I'll be back in an hour.
3.1sAnd I got a job following fat people around with a tuba.
5.61s(PLAYING) Stop it! Cut it out!
2.4sI have a glandular problem!
2.94s(PLAYS OFF-KEY) That'll be $60.