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1.8sOh, sure.
4.27sYes! Yes! Oh, that's good! That feels good! Very strong!
2.97sSorry, Thunder, I got to put you down.
3.87s(SCREAMING) How's your leg? Huh? How's your leg? You ready to race? Huh?
4.1sANNOUNCER: We now return to Japanese Girls Think Small Versions of Things Are Really Cute.
1.97sLook at my tiny dog! I'm gonna put it in my tiny purse!
3.54s(GIGGLING) Tiny phone! Tiny everything!
4.6s(BOTH GIGGLING) Peter, have you seen this tuition bill?
3sMorningwood Academy is charging us $30,000.
2.8sWell, looks like we're all gonna have to take second jobs.
1.74sI guess I'll see if I can get my old gig back,
2.1sselling buttscratchers at the ballpark.
3.27sButtscratcher! Buttscratcher! Get your buttscratcher here!
1.87sButtscratcher! Buttscratcher?
2sButtscratcher! Buttscratcher.
2.1sMAN: Buttscratcher! Buttscratcher!