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4.52sThe important thing is that you defeat Elzar after I am gone.
2.38sAnd using this, you cannot fail.
3.6sOoh, a diamond vial of Mrs. Dash?
3.02sNo. It is the essence of pure flavor.
2.57sA few drops will cause the inner perfection...
3.02sof any dish to blossom forth.
3.24sThere goes my... life.
3.35sI'll avenge you, master.
3.85sI swear, in the presence of these drunken bums,
3.47sthat I shall defeat Elzar!
2.82sOh, I'm not drunk. I'm mentally ill.
2.08sBut I likes what-what you said.
4.94sElzar, I'm a walking pile of your unfinished business!