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1.3sHey, hey, cheer up.
2.27sNot everyone turns out like their parents.
0.98sI mean, look at me.
2.6sMy folks were honest, hard-working people.
2.84sBesides, Guenter, you're not like other monkeys.
1.57sYou've got the hat.
5.01sSo what? I mean, sure, it looks cool and it makes me smart but it doesn't make me happy.
1.12sThat's so sad.
3.14sI didn't even know monkeys could cry.
2.2sThey can't. It's all the hat.
4.75sLook, Guenter if you're so miserable here maybe you should just go back to the jungle.
0.92sThe jungle...
3.17sbut I couldn't do that to the professor.
4.47sI'm his prize experiment and he's like a father to me.
1.33sBut he's not your father.
2.84sThat guy in the punch bowl was your father.
1.97sLook at him.