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3.44sWhenever the campus liquor store is looted, Robot House.
2.64sWhenever a human corpse is desecrated--
1.65sNow, I can explain that.
1.65sThat's enough out of you.
4.87sFrom this day forth Robot House is on dodeca-tuple secret probation.
2.64sNo fair! My mom is going to kill me.
8.79sNow, if you'll excuse me I have to get back to the one thing that's kept me sane these past eight years, my model ship.
2.15sFat-bot, no!
2.97sWhen I get nervous, I get hungry.
1.17sCheese it!
3.54sRobot House!
2.2sSo, Chrissy, we seem to be hitting it off.
3.94sIf you're not doing anything later might I escort you to a kegger?
2.97sNot even if you were the last man on Mars.