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3.84sSmart and cute.
5.74sWhat I love about being dean of students is the peace and quiet and the respect I receive.
1.35sNow what's all this about?
3.4sDean Vernon, the students from Robot House are here.
1.83sRobot House.
1.18sHey, Dean.
1.3sNice looking model.
1.1sYou keep away from it!
2.74sYou robots are a disgrace to this university.
4.07sWhenever a fire alarm is pulled it's Robot House.
3.44sWhenever the campus liquor store is looted, Robot House.
2.64sWhenever a human corpse is desecrated--
1.65sNow, I can explain that.
1.65sThat's enough out of you.