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3.57sYou're wasting your breath, Professor.
2.27sHe'll never understand a word of it.
1.62sI understood the word "hat."
1.13sPlease, stop bickering.
2.67sI arranged that you be roommates for a reason...
2.9sso I'd only have to remember one phone number.
1.83sNow shake hands and make up.
3.4sYou want a banana?
1.27sI don't eat bananas.
3.47sI prefer banana-flavored energy bars made from tofu.
2.74sI don't like you.
1.93sThis is going to be a cake walk.
2.7sWelcome to the history of the 20th century.
2.37sLook to your left, then to your right.
2.5sThen in nine other directions.
3.22sOne of the 12 of you will not pass this class.