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0.51sAnd those lilacs on the table.
3.48sAt least someone noticed.
2.54sFor the last time, I don't like lilacs.
4.17sYour first wife was the one who liked lilacs. She also liked to shut up.
3.17sWell, great seeing you. I guess we'll be on our-- Yo, Highness.
1.98sjust out of robo-curiosity,
2.47swhy would you use a guy's nose for an aphrodisiac...
3.04sinstead of his, you know, wing-dang-doodle?
3.35sBut I thought the horn was the human wing-dang-doodle.
3.29sNo, sir, chief. The main event, so to speak,
1.77sis downstairs near the wallet.
2.84sEver seen soccer players line up to block a free kick?
3.64sThey ain't covering their noses, I'll tell you that much. Well, see ya.
4.94sInteresting. The trousers conceal a tiny secondary horn.
2.3s- Hey, what have you heard? - Guards, seize him!
4.4sPrepare to harvest the lower horn.
3.49sOkay, you can have my nose.