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3.17sYou got any, um, you know, um--
1.93sSpeak up. You're muttering.
2.47sI said, uh, human horn?
3.84sYou're not a cop, right? Oh, no. I'm just some guy.
3.64sRuler of the planet Omicron Persei 8!
3.35sSo let me get this straight. If I buy eight caramellow bars,
2.2syou all get to go to some camp?
3.6sYep, that's exactly the lie we used to get past your guards.
3.74sO great space king, I humbly beg you to return my human horn.
3.52sUh, human horn? Oh, how ridiculous.
3.62sWhy would a virile male like lrrr need human horn?
1.77sI don't even know what it's for.
2.27sWhat is it, something you put in salad dressing?
1.97sLike you've ever seen a salad.
2.37sMy weight is appropriate and attractive!
2.64sWhoa! You guys have issues.