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0.41sLike me!
2.46sThe culprits: shameless poachers...
2.54shunting humans without a permit.
2.42sThe valuable nose, or "human horn,"
3.77sfetches a high price on alien worlds as an aphrodisiac.
2.42sMy nose is an aphrodisiac?
2.57sI'm gonna drop a barf.
1.83sDemand for human horn is great,
4.07sdue in part to titillating scenes from depraved alien TV programs...
2.34stoo filthy for Earth broadcast.
3.67sLet's watch.
3.82sHuman horn? But it is forbidden.
2.59sSo is our love.
2.48sBlech! We have to track down my nose...
2.1sbefore some alien snarfs it and does the worm.
1.65sWho's in?
2.27sMe and Bender, and maybe Zoidberg if he feels like it.