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4.49sMan, you are such a jokester.
2.65sI'll never have another moment of happiness.
3.5sI know you're trying to mask your pain with humor, but don't worry.
2.85sI'm sure the professor can clone you a new nose.
3.32sAh, it wouldn't be the same. I want my nose.
2.67sI don't wanna have to teach a new one how to shoot milk when I laugh.
4.05sWell, there's no sense fretting. Good Lord, you're ugly.
4sThe fact is, your nose is gone and we'll never find out who did it or why.
3.14sGuys! Guys! There's something on television.
3.74sAlien abductions. Until now, a harmless nuisance.
2.84sBut recently they've taken on a sinister dimension...