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2.8sOh! I don't get it.
4.75sBonjour. May I offer you a box of wine for the edge of the table?
2.84sNo, thanks. just water, please. Tap water.
2.09sOh, big spender.
2.65sThat's it! This date is over!
3.25s- So, what can I get you this evening? - Your lower horn!
2.7sI'll just start you off with some bread.
2.22sSome sexy, arousing bread.
2.74sFine, but none of that whole-grain goat food.
2sAnd bring plenty of melted butter.
3.87sWhy don't you just inject some fat straight into your ass...
2sand cut out the middleman?
3.54sOne of these days, Nd-Nd. Bang! Zoom!