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3.47sHomer, he's outta control-a. He gave me a bad-a review!
2.54sSo my friend put a horse head on his bed.
3.14sHe ate-a the head and gave it a bad review! True story.
1.94sArr, well, I've had it with Homer!
3.44sHis bad reviews are sinkin' our businesses.
3.57sThen why did you put yours in the window?
3.22sArr, it covered up the "D" from the health inspector.
3.22sWell, I say we ban Homer from our restaurants.
1.77sNo. That would be impolite.
2.01sI say we kill him!
0.68sNow, hold on a minute.
2.6sAre we restauranteurs, or are we murderers?
2.25sDoes that answer your question?
3.62sWe'll kill him at the Taste of Springfield Festival.
4.09sWe'll give Homer all he can eat, till he can eat no more.
3.29sThen he'll get his just dessert.
4.17sThis will be Homer Simpson's last lagniappe.