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2.05sHomer, please!
2.07sJamie Killday, farm supply critic.
3.23sjust got back from the gopher poison show in Paris.
4.22sLet me tell you something-- the days of clubbing them with a baseball bat are over!
1.4sFor you, perhaps.
3.34sListen, we've been meaning to have a talk with you about your reviews.
3.49sEverything's a rave. "Nine thumbs up"? What the hell is that?
1.92sI've given out my share of bad reviews.
4.1sThe only bad review you gave was to a slice of pizza you found under the couch.
0.48sIt lost some points 'cause it had a Hot Wheel on it.
3.54sGood lord, you're a critic!
2.8sYou don't have to like everything, e.g., my latest review.
4.97s"john Deere has come out with this year's line of rototillers.
2.37s"Surprise, surprise-- they're green!
3.7sI say it's time to send john Deere a 'Dear john.'"