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1.92sof section H-2.
2sWhoo-hoo! Stop the presses!
2.45sOkay, start the presses!
3.1sThat takes four hours.
1.77sWhatever. I'll be at Moe's.
3.75sThis is so exciting, Homie. Your first restaurant review.
1.94sMarge. Shh.
3.07sIt's important that no one knows that I'm a food critic.
2.02sHear that, Maude? Homer's a critic.
1.77sHomer's a critic. Pass it on.
2.3sDid you hear? Homer's a critic.
0.87sQuit changing the subject!
3.72sWhere is Uter? We just want closure.
1.72sArr! Here you are.
1.77sOne critic's special.
2.27sIf anything appears to be movin',
2.13sthat's just freshness.
4.45sCan you believe it, Marge? This job is the greatest. They're paying me to eat!
3.92sIf you could just get somebody to pay you for scratching your butt, we'll be on easy street.
2.5sWhy, you little--