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4.24sNow I'd like to ask each child to pair up with a buddy so no one gets lost.
2.92sCome of think of it, I haven't seen Uter since the last field trip.
2.95sUter? I don't remember any Uter.
2.1sSilly name. Uter.
3.5sDad, it's great that you volunteered to drive. But how did you get out of work?
3.24sDon't worry, sweetie. Daddy's got it covered.
2.17sI work hard for the money
8.32sSo hard for the money - Oh, I something-something money Come on give me lots of honey Now, there's an employee, Smithers.
4.1sA smile on his lips and a song in his heart. Promote him.
4.34sTurn tape over!
3.19sHey, I know how we can have some fun.
3.24sI spy with my little eye...
2.7ssomething beginning with "D."
2.62sGod bless you, Nelson Muntz.