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2.1sWith your ding-a-ling
1.67s'Cause you can't say penis
1.87sSo they sent this little warning
1.7sThey're prepared to do their worst
1.6sAnd they stuck it in your mailbox
1.77sHoping you could be coerced
2.1sI can think of quite another place
1.5sThey should've stuck it first
2.13sThey may just be neurotic
1.47sOr possibly psychotic
5.41sThey're the fellows at the freakin' FCC
3.54s(CLAPPING) Mr. Griffin, that was terrific.
1.6sBut I'm here to tell you, that as of today,
2.14sPTV is officially shut down.
1.7sShut me down, huh?
1.87sWell, you'll have to catch me first.