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2.7sHmm, by now I think it's in my lower intestine.
5.04s(LAUGHTER RESONATES) You ate it? But I told you my boss was coming here for dinner.
1.43sWell, unless he likes pork rinds,
1.57she's going home hungry.
2.9s(LAUGHTER RESONATES) You cheeky bastard.
1.57sWelcome to Midnight Q.
3.34sTonight we're gonna enjoy the smooth jazz of Charles Mingus.
2.97sNorman Mailer is here to read an excerpt from his latest book.
2.94sAnd then we also have a girl from Omaha who's hiding a banana.
1.2sWe'll find out where.
2.74sGiggity Giggity Giggity Goo. Stick around.
1.57s(GROANS) More fan mail.
2.3sSheesh, Brian, people freaking love us. We're gonna be huge.
3.54sPeter, I really want you to cancel that show with the animals having sex.
2.8sFor your information, Lois, it's called Dogs Humping,
2.44sand it is the cornerstone of our Wednesday night lineup.
2.14sLois, responsibility lies with the parents.
3.04sThere are plenty of things that are much worse for children than television.