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2.2sPeter, look at these numbers. We're a hit.
2.84sYou know, if I were you, I'd think about expanding your programming somehow.
1.67sBrian, that's a great idea.
2.97sThat's exactly what we need to take PTV to the next level.
1.97sOriginal programming.
3.54sHi, there. And welcome to The Peter Griffin Side Boob Hour.
4.37sA wonderful look back on all the partial nudity network television used to offer.
2.57sLook at that side boob.
2.7sCheck out this side boob.
3.44sHow about that side boob? That turn you on?
4.04sWell, it shouldn't, because that's my side boob.
1.93sGoodnight, everybody.
0.97sSo, what do you think?
1.5sI'm not sure, Peter.
2.24sYou got to be careful about what you put on your network.
1.97sYou know how impressionable children are.
2.6sI mean, remember what happened after Chris saw Jackie Mason?
2.24sChris, you should have left for school already.
1.73sOy, shiksa, don't start with me.
0.9sI didn't go, I wanted to go,
1.37sI forgot to go, I should have gone.
1.73s- Chris, just go! - Mom, relax.
2.5sYou look so haggard, zebezel. You should lie down or your heart might go...