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2.54sYou've got to censor television, you fools!
1.97sNow follow my orders.
2.6sT.V. ANNOUNCER: And now, stay tuned for Three's Company.
3sJack, are you out there? I want to show you my new bikini.
2.9sWhat the hell! Why are they blocking out all the good stuff?
4.84s(BLEEPING) ANNOUNCER: It's The...Van...Show (BLEEPING) starring...Van...
1.47sThey're messing with my shows.
4.34sCome to think of it, there was something very different about that Honeymooners episode I watched today.
2.9sOne of these days, Alice, one of these days...
3.67sI'm gonna help stimulate the economy by buying an American car.
3.34sThis must be the FCC overreacting to the David Hyde Pierce incident.
2.67sThey're censoring anything that might be viewed as unpleasant.
3.07sWhat the hell! They let Sarah Jessica Parker's face on TV,
1.37sand she looks like a foot.
2.73sWell, mark my words, I'm gonna fight this.