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2.07sHey, I'm gonna jump all those trash cans.
8.57sIn other news, actor David Hyde Pierce created a major controversy at the Emmys last night when a trouser malfunction caused him to expose his testicles.
1.73sSure glad I didn't miss the Emmys, Diane.
1.4sOh, that's just great, Lois.
2.47sThanks to you, I missed a moment of television history.
3.94sWell, now you know how George W. Bush felt when he showed up in Vietnam.
1.87sAll right, let's do this. Let's kick some ass.
2.47s- Uh, George, the war is over. - What?
2.27s- Yeah, it's done. - Get out of here! Are you serious?
1.6sYeah. Oh, man! Oh, man!
2.57sI just got your messages. And I--I... Oh, I'm sorry.