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3.12sWell, a refreshingly frank response there from Senator Bob Dole.
5.44sThese candidates make me want to vomit in terror. I've got to stop them.
4.19sLadies and gentlemen, 73-year-old candidate Bob Dole.
2.17sAbortions for all.
3.24sVery well. No abortions for anyone.
5.72sHmm. Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others.
3.37sFooling these Earth voters is easier than expected.
3.35sYes. All they want to hear are bland pleasantries...
4.94sembellished by an occasional saxophone solo or infant kiss.
2.52sUh, Mr. President, sir,
2.32speople are becoming a bit confused...
4.14sby the way you and your opponent are, well, constantly holding hands.