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2sNo, no, I am. I swear to God.
1.08sAll right, fine.
2.23sIf you're really gay and you want that divorce,
1.8sall you got to do is one thing.
1.23sAnything, Charmese. Name it.
1.23sProve it.
1.87sLet me watch you have sex with a man.
1.95s(STAMMERS) What?
3.32sYou heard me. I want to see you get it on with a guy.
3.95s(SIGHS) All right, Charmese, I'll do it.
3.45sIf that's what it takes, I'll have sex with another man.
2.22s(RINGS) Look, Daddy.
2.03sTeacher says every time a bell rings,
3.17ssome gay guy's gonna have sex with another gay guy.
2.24sWe're gonna pull you out of that school.
2.9sMAN: (ON TV) We now return to The Dyslexic Baseball Wrap-Up.
5.32sAnd the Yew Nork Nankees bave heaten the Oltimore Borioles nive to foo here at Yamden Cards.
3.37sThe Borioles now lace a fong toad rip where they'll face the Sed Rox,
2.1sthe Revil Days and the Jue Blays.
3.22s(KNOCKING) Hey, Peter, you got a minute?