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2.09sI was gonna be your perfect little wife.
2.43sI was gonna make you breakfast maybe once a week,
3.3sand give you stuff to do right when you walk through the door after work.
1.62sAnd I would've loved that, Charmese,
2.97sif I just weren't so super-duper double gay.
3.09s(SOBBING) This is awful.
2.17sOh, don't cry, Charmese. You'll find the right guy.
3.55sThere's someone for everyone. Even if you're a narcissistic pedophile.
2.49sHey, Ma, we got any pictures of me when I was a kid?
1.57sMaybe something in a tub?
1.88sI'm really sorry it didn't work out, Glenn.
1.73sMe, too, Charmese.
3.8sI'll send the divorce papers to that Rite Aid where you brush your teeth.
2.87s(DOOR CLOSES) (ENGINE STARTS) Hey, buddy, what happened? She gone?
1.47sYep, I'm off the hook, Peter.
1.2sI told Charmese I was gay,