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3sIt's educational and offers mild thrills,
2.17sjust like Edna.
3.09sNow, before the show you'll need to take urine tests...
2.5sto prove you're not taking teaching-enhancing drugs.
3.72sYou can't test what's not there!
4.14sWe're also pleased to announce that our winner will receive enough money...
1.77sso they'll never have to teach again.
2.74sGood Lord. I may lose Edna forever.
1.93sI've got to stop her from winning.
2.84sThen she'll be broken, miserable and mine.
2.87sDon't look back. Just keep driving.
1.7sSeymour? Glad you're here.
2.6sYou can help me play Halloween Hit and Run.
2.92sOoh, this game is gonna get some disapproving clucks.
2.77sBut for now, I need my tongue to talk to you.
2.43sI don't want to lose Edna,