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2.43sI don't want to lose Edna,
4.04sso I need you to sabotage her chances of winning tonight.
1.65sBut I don't want to hurt Mrs. K.
3.49sAll right, Bart, I didn't want to resort to this, but...
4.3sthis drawing was found on the wall of Springfield Elementary late last week.
3.49sAll right, I'm in. I'll humiliate the love of your life.
3.49sBecause I like you, I'll even do it pro boner.
0.39sIt's "pro bono."
2.35sI know what I said.
2.3sThis is the worst thing I've ever done.
2.4sEven worse than what I did in 'Nam.
3.27sYou're gonna get your parade... down my esophagus!