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2.67sQuiet, fatso! The sergeant's talking!
1.67sGo on, dear.
2.75sIn these modern, hectic days of fast food,
4.6sanswering machines and one-night stands, people are getting angrier.
2.67sNow, what you're about to see is not pretty.
4.34sCut me off, will you?
3.34sLearn to drive, dimwit!
2.55sI sentence you to kiss my ass.
2.44sLook familiar? It should.
2.47sAnger is what makes America great.
2.45sBut you must find the proper outlet for your rage.
2.57sFire a weapon at your television screen,
2.17spick a fight with someone weaker than you...
2.75sor write a threatening letter to a celebrity.
2.6sSo when you go out for a drive,
4.82sremember to leave your murderous anger where it belongs-- at home.