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0.42sWhoo! Hello!
1.5sHey, baby!
4.32sOh. Sorry, Homer. We thought you were one of those hot-to-trot soccer moms.
2.7sYeah. You don't see many men driving the "F" Series.
3.87sSee? Instead of a cigarette lighter, it's got a lipstick holder.
3.99sAh, crap! It's a girl's car! I can't drive this!
3.22sOh, sure, you can, doll face.
3.34sPretty thing like you can do whatever she wants.
2.33sShut up! Screw you guys!
3.75sLousy "F" Series frilly, girlie, fruity car.
2.35sWhere's your keys? I'm taking your car to work.
4.2sYou cashed in your 401(k) to buy that stupid Canyonero.
3.15sWhy can't you drive it? Are you saying I'm gay?
3.22sBecause if that's what you think, then just come right out and say it.
3.27sI don't think you're gay. I just have to do my grocery shopping.