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2.44sOh, Canyonero.
2.17sGo ahead. Drool all you want.
4.17sYou can't hurt that finish. Now, rainwater-- that'll strip it right off.
2.75sAh, I shouldn't have said that. I'm Gil.
2.2sHey, a red one!
2.02sCan I buy that? Please?
2.59sWell, you-- If you-- Really?
3.85sWha-- Ha! Hot dog! A sale!
2.18sHuh? I'll take it from here, Gil.
2.6sNo! Wait! Ah, no! You can't take my sale!
2.99sMy wife's gonna leave me if I don't start bringing in the green.
2.9sCome on. Let me have this one, Stan. I'm begging you.
3.14sLook at me. I'm begging you, Stan.
2.65sMm-hmm. Let's go write this up, shall we?
2.8sHoney, you should've seen me with my last customer. I--
4.09sNo, but I came so close. This guy waS--