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1.85sYou give me fever
4.1swhen you touch me fever when you hold me tight
2.14sfever ha
2.37sKill me.
2.92sWell, Seymour, it seems we put together...
2.24sa baseball team, and I was wondering--
2.15sWho's on first?
2.59sYes. Not the pronoun, but rather a player...
2.57swith the unlikely name of Who is on first.
1.93sYes. Well, that's just great, Seymour.
3.37sWe've been out here six seconds. You've already managed to blow the routine.
2.25sSexless freak.
2.77sWell, seems as though we're just about at the halfway point,
2.67sso why don't we call it intermission?
1.93sWhoa! Don't go too far.
3.77sIf you like cafeteria workers in Beatle wigs with tennis racket guitars,
2.07syou won't want to miss the second half!
2.23sOh, no! No!