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3.32sOhh! Is that where Boozer drank the pee?
2.08sIt's one of the places.
2.38sWhee! Whee! Whee! Whee!
3.19sThis school has everything.
2.72sI know. Doesn't it just honk you off?
4.89sTheir periodic table has 250 elements.
3.89sAnd our school board's cut us back to 16. All of them lanthanides.
3.37sYou know, we could get equipment like this through a bond issue.
2.77sHmm. Here's your bond issue.
1.67sQuick. Take these.
1.2sPrincipal Skinner, you're just stealing.
2.72sWelcome to Dick Cheney's America.
3.17sMmm! All this food is so froufrou.
4.22sOoh. Fabergé egg salad.
2.74sLook, Brandine. It's Wolfgang Puck.
5.21sMr. Puck, you make the only grub what satisfies my gut worm, I swear.