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1.63sI can't believe... Oh, no, it's back.
1.7sWell, that was quite a performance.
1.98sMy performance? What about you?
1.37s"Golly, Lois, where do you shop?
1.23s"Gee, your house looks beautiful.
1.73s"Hey, I have an inside-out penis."
1.27sI never said her house looks beautiful.
1.37sBecause, frankly, it didn't.
4.94sMy dad, my dad talking about decorating and women's clothing?
3.52sAll I've talked about for years with these people is what a war hero you were.
1.3sAnd I was.
2.07sI'm changing my future, not my past.
2.77sOh, yeah? What about my future? Huh?
1.48sI don't even know what to call you.
2.05sMy dad? My other mother?
1.63sMy friend who pees sitting down,
1.5sbut can also palm a basketball?
4.55sWhat about "Ida"? (GROANS) No, man, you know, this is too hard.
2.25sYou know, you're asking me to accept an awful lot.
3sI don't know if I can do this.
1.5sI understand.
2.47sI had the advantage of thinking about this for years.
1.57sFor me, it was easy.
2.47sDo I want to be happy the rest of my life or miserable?