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1.87sEveryone here admires your dad.
3.92sHe'd walk into an army barracks and make every private there feel important.
2.1sYeah, he just knew how to stroke those privates.
1.23sOh, God!
1.4sYour dad was cock of the walk, Glenn.
2.6sEvery day at rifle training, he'd help me clean my butt.
1.75sYour dad once drank me under the table.
1.47sIf there was one man you wanted in your hole,
1.05sit was your dad.
1.73sYour dad had the best penis in the military.
2.92sOkay, just stop, stop! Everybody, stop!
1.43sare you gay?
1.35sAre you gay, Dad?
1.85sNo, Glenn, I'm not gay.
1.35sJust tell me the truth!
1.27sI am telling you the truth.
1.97sNow calm down. You're ruining this ball.
1.1sYou know how much I love balls.
1.78sAll right, come on now! That's not helping!
3.24sSon, you have my word, I am not gay.
1.23sYou promise?
1.98sI promise.
2.05sAll right, I believe you.
2.39sBut I am a woman trapped in a man's body.
3.64sAnd while I'm in Quahog, I plan to have a sex-change operation.
2.04sOh, come on. Just be gay.