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1.6sLook, you'll see. At the Navy Ball,
3.94syou'll see how much of a man he is and how everyone in the military respects him.
3.22sLook at this, Dad. All these people came out just to honor you.
2.29sOh, it feels good, Son, I won't lie to you.
1.02sDan Quagmire!
1.64sWally! Good to see you.
1.27sThis is my son, Glenn.
1.17sNice to meet you, Glenn.
1.63sYou should be very proud of your dad.
1sI am, sir.
1.5sIt was an honor to serve with him.
1.67sCome on, Dan, let's get a drink.
2.25sIt's great to see you back in your element tonight,
1.62ssurrounded by seamen.
1.33s(LAUGHS) "Seamen."
1.37sSee, Quagmire? I told you he's gay.
1.27sShut up, Peter!
1.83s- Hey, you Dan's boy? - That's right.