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2.07sStewie, I can't physically see what you're pointing at.
1.47sI'm getting off now. Bye.
1.2sWell, your loss, Brian.
1.63sThat thing over there is pretty interesting.
5.4sHuh? An alien in a grass skirt juggling torches. Yeah.
3.17sAll right, you're all done. Go.
1.63sCome on, Stewie. Time for bed.
1.85sGet a job!
1.35sPeter, what are you doing home?
2.84sI thought you'd be out on the town with Quagmire and his dad.
1.48sLois, you're not gonna believe this.
1.83sQuagmire's dad's gay.
2.94sWhat? Quagmire never said anything about that.
1sI don't think he knows.
1sIt's like he doesn't even notice it.
1.23sWell, then how do you know he's gay?
1.23sA lot of little things.
1.5sThe way he talks, his mannerisms,