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3.6sYeah, it's not settling with the Q-man all too well.
2.03sOh, my God! What does it look like?
1.23sYou know, not half bad.
1.67sNothing you'd look twice at, but not bad.
2.74sOh, my God! That... You know, that is a tough road ahead.
4.27sI mean, like, what do those people do as far as relationships and sex and stuff?
3.34sI don't know. I mean, it's got to be a train wreck down there, right?
2.82sI mean, just an absolute casserole of nonsense.
1.67sIs she over there right now? We should go take a look.
1.97sNo, they had a fight. She's staying at the Marriott.
1.17sOh, damn! I was just there.
1.57sYeah, maybe I saw him in the lobby and didn't even know.
1.27sNo, you'd know.
1.6sAw, man! What do we call him now?
1.6sWe... Do we still call him "Dan"?
2sNo, and I'm not crazy about the name change.
1.67sWhat is it? Like Danielle or Dana?
1.03sNo, Ida.