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1.67sRight about now, you're probably saying,
2.85s"Troy, I've seen every Simpsons episode.
2.45sYou can't show me anything new."
1.78sYou've got some attitude, mister.
3.82sBesides, you're wrong! Because sometimes episodes run long...
2.3sand certain scenes never get aired.
3.24sSo, fire up your VCR, because here, for the first time ever,
2.49sare the cutout classics.
2.6sWhen Krusty the Clown got canceled--
1.95she tried everything to stay on the air.
1.27sHere's what you didn't see.
3.77sIf you watch my show, I will send you this book featuring me...
2.94sin a variety of sexually explicit positions.
3.57sWhat? Oh. Hey! It's not really me. I used a stunt butt.
2.24sKrusty, we're from the network. We have some bad news.
1.94sI'm afraid your show's been canceled.
2.02sI thought this would happen.
2.82sI just hope you replace me with something as educational...
1.97sand uplifting as I tried to be.
3.2sActually, it's a hemorrhoid infomercial starring Claude Akins.