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1.84sThe Simpsons began as the brainchild...
2.2sof cartoonist Matt Groening,
3.05sthe already-famous creator of such comics...
2.85sas Damnation, johnny Reb,
1.88sand True Murder Stories.
3.64sIn 1987, Groening teamed up with award-winning producers...
2.12sjames L. Brooks...
1.77sand Sam Simon.
2.07sAnd what better place to premiere their creation...
2.13sthan on The Tracy Ullman Show--
2.64sthe nation's showcase for psychiatrist jokes...
2.63sand musical comedy numbers.
5.17sOn April 19, 1987, America first met The Simpsons.
2.13sWell, good night, Son.
0.45sUm, Dad?
4.7sWhat is the mind? Is it just a system of impulses,
2.97sor is it something tangible?
3.99sRelax. What is mind? No matter.
3.1sWhat is matter? Never mind.
2.9sThanks, Dad. Good night, Son.