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2.94sOh, it's you. What are you so happy about?
0.42sI see.
2.55sSmithers had thwarted my earlier attempt...
3.37sto take candy from a baby, but with him out of the picture,
2.77sI was free to wallow in my own crapulence.
2.89sOr so I thought.
2.43sAt the last moment, Smithers, drunk as a lemur,
2.65slurched out of the darkness and fired!
0.91sThat's right.
2.87sRight before I shot jasper.
2.07sHmm. I was busy that night.
3.09sStricken, I lurched forth in search of aid.
4.69sBut finding only slack-jawed gawkers, I gave up and collapsed on the sundial.
2.48sThen, with your last ounce of strength,
2.97syou pointed to "W" and "S".
2.23sWaylon Smithers!
2.44sI'm just relieved that Homer's safe and that you've recovered,
2.1sand we can all get back to normal.