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2.67sand then I'll decide who needs it most.
3.57sGrampa, that's the noblest thought that's ever been expressed at this table.
0.37sGive to us, Grampa.
3.47sBart ! Forgive him, Dad.
4.19sHe's just a stupid little kid who says the First thing that pops into his head.
2.44sBut you know, there's wisdom in his innocence.
0.77sYou don't want it.
0.25sYes, I do.
3.37sToo bad. You ain't gettin' it !
3.14sNot since this reporter's marriage to Stephanie the weather lady...
4.07shas this town been so consumed with rumor and innuendo.
5.29sAll because of this man. Today, one Abraham "Grampa" Simpson...
2.02sannounced that he would give away over $100,000...
3.4sto the person, or persons, he finds most deserving.
2.27sIs Grampa Simpson a modern-day saint,
1.93sa rich nut or both ?
1.93sOnly time will tell.
3.72sThis is Kent Brockman, on-line for an old man's money.
3.62sNow you see, Gramps, I wanna customize the bus.
2.64sYou know, chop the top, jack it up, put mag wheels on it,