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3.47sHere's a check for $106,000,
2.47s"to enjoy as you see fit."
3.15s- Oh, I'm touched. - $106,000 ?
1.94sTa-ta, Mr. Simpson.
1.92sBy the way, old-timer. I do wills.
3.04sWhy don't I just give you this pen with my phone number on it ?
2.8sIt looks just like a cigar. Isn't that something ?
1.33sHello, Homer ?
1.35sWoo-hoo !
2.05sIt's Dad ! Dad's on the phone ! He's calling me !
3.12sOh, Dad. Oh, I knew you'd forgive me.
1.93sI haven't forgiven you !
4.22sI just inherited $106,000,
2.02sand I just had to tell you...
2.45sthat you're not getting one thin dime !
2.05sHa-ha ! Doh !
0.53sMr. Simpson ?
1.67sWhat is it ?
3.24sI couldn't help overhearing about your newfound fortune,