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2.25sNow here's the triCky part
4.17soh, won't you rhyme with me
2.02swho needs the kwik-e-mart
2.08stheir floors are Sticky-mart
6.79sthey made dad sicky-mart let's hurl A bricky-mart the kwik-e-mart is real-- D'oh!
3.57sWho needS the kwik-e-mart
3.64snot me forget the kwik-e-mart
1.92sgood-bye to kwik-e-mart
2.59swho needs the kwik-e-mart
1.87snot me
3.07sEverything really wrapped up nicely.
2.02sHmm. Much quicker than usual.
2.9sI guess we've learned that happiness is wherever you find it.