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2.37sMonorail. Monorail. Monorail.
2.17sI hear those things are awfully loud
1.92sit glides As softly As A cloud
1.85sis there A chance the track could bend
2.1snot on your life my Hindu friend
1.8swhat about us brain-dead slobs
2.2syou'll be given cushy Jobs
1.67swere you sent here by the devil
1.99sno, good Sir I'm on the level
2.05sthe ring Came off my pudding can
1.45stake my pen knife my good man
2.18sI swear it's springfield's only choice
2.17sthrow up your hands and raise your voiCe
2.02smonorail what's it called
1.73s- Monorail - Once again
2.4sbut main street's still all cracked and broken
2ssorry, mom the mob has spoken
8.33smonorail monorail monorail Monorail!
2.22sMono-- D'oh!
2.94sHymns here! I got hymns here! Get 'em while they're holy!
3.92sFresh from God's brain to your mouth!