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2.07sI will be happy to help the Americans.
2.75sOf course, I will be sad to leave my husband,
1.93sthe French fur trader, Charbonneau.
1.67sI will come with you.
4.57sBecause by myself, the darkness, she scares me.
2.19sI don't know why I ever sold you to him.
1.64sOkay, those berries are poison.
1.27sThose leaves are poison oak.
2.74sAnd your belt is a snake, also poisonous.
2.52sI'll tell you what's poisonous, your attitude.
3.5sYou know these... (GROANING) I'm dying!
5.34sBut at least people will always remember the expedition of Lewis and Clark and Tweedleburger...
2.58sAlso, if you're confronted by a mountain lion,
2.44stry to make yourself look as big as possible.
3.05sAnd when you get a chance, bury your friend.
2.89sHey, we're still mourning. Let's get a drink.
4.45sAll right, customers! And they said you couldn't open a bar in Kansas.