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3.27sCould a girl belch like this? (BELCHES) Oh!
3.14sMy beautiful boy! Why can't I have you?
2.4sI don't know. Too much jerkin' your merkin?
4.99sWhy you little... Get out of my dreams and into my wife!
2.23sI could've married the King of France.
3.04sHe wasn't so preoccupied with procreation.
2.85sTing-a-ling-a-ling. Know what I mean?
4.35sOh, look at me. I eat and eat and eat, and I never get any thinner.
2.33sWell, there's more of you to worship, O Sire.
2.55sWho would dare to flatter a king?
2.57sAnne Boleyn, loyal subject, big fan.
3.47sModern Wench magazine dubbed me "Anne of the child-bearing hips."
2.9sYes. Wide hips indeed.
2.14sMy son could cartwheel out. Yoink!