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2.34sI'm done siphoning out the grease trap.
2.4sI think I need a mint.
2.3sSo, uh, what job do I move up to?
3.17sPastry chef? Saucier? Soup guy?
2.2sYeah... bam yourself.
1.97sHey, who are they?
4.24sLet's just say they're very good customers and I'm not answering any more questions.
2.7s- Are they the Robot Mafia? - Yes.
1.13sYou call this a table?
1.4sYou call this a table?
2.67sI wouldn't hit a guy over the head with this table.
1.07sYou hear that?
1.57sThe Don-bot don't like it.
1sI ought to clamp you!
1.2sYou want to be clamped?!
1.47sWhoa, whoa, calm down, Clamps.
4.32sThe boss, he likes a wall against which his back can be put against...
1.57ssuch as like this there.
1.32sBut that table's already--
2.6sAh, let me bus that for you gentlemen.
1.28sNo. What I meant to do Was--
1.83sI can't believe this.
2.4sMind your own business and get out!